At Americas Women Magazine LLC, our company has long been aware of the talent and mentorship that women have contributed to the success of the Raleigh Area.

Our story at Americas Women Magazine LLC through our published city editions, is focused to examine and celebrate the achievements of the Raleigh Area women and beyond.  With the growing influence of women leaders, we’ve asked ourselves if our interviews and profiles of inspirational women have allowed them the necessary room to fully express the challenges they’ve faced in their road to success. Our objective will be to demonstrate to the doubters that women and their competencies are not to be discounted or ignored.

We also will seek out meaningful stories of women who are still struggling to find their sea legs in innovation and leadership – perhaps our readers will recognize their potential and reach out to them with a lifeline of guidance.

We hope to bring you more insightful content, more thought provoking and salient material for both women and men to achieve success in their respective careers and personal lives.

Rich Borell
Founder & CEO